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Finding someone in Australia is not an easy job. Sometimes it takes years, even lifetimes, to know the whereabouts of the person you’ve been looking for. That is why some people opted to hire a private investigator. 

You can easily find a private investigator in Australia, and we are those that you can trust. We specialise in Infidelity Investigationlocating missing people & Criminal Investigations. With our experience, you can get affordable private investigator services with high-quality results. We understand your concerns, and we want you to sleep better at night knowing you’ve hired a private investigator that can get the job done. Our team consist of expert private investigators that have been in the industry for over two decades.  

If you are looking for affordable private investigators with quality service in Australia, turn to Insight Investigative Services. When you hire a private investigator from our team, you will get the answers to questions you never thought to ask. We offer the following investigative services:

[ Domestic Affairs ]


Are you concerned about your partners activities? Are things simply not "adding up"? Call us to discuss your specific situation and see how we can assist.

[ Criminal Investigations ]


Some cases begin innocently enough and develop into criminal matters requiring police intervention at some point upon sufficient evidence having been gathered. 

[ Fraud & Insurance ]


Millions is lost annually to insurance and other forms of fraud. Personal injury fraud, motor accident fraud and organised and online scams and increasingly, identity theft. 

[Circumstance Investigation ]


Circumstance investigations determine the facts of a case, the liabilities and the "at fault" party to assist the relevant parties to limit loss. 

[ Missing Persons ]


If you are concerned about the wherabouts of family/friends/loved ones we can assist with attempting to locate them.

[ Surveillance ]


Physical surveillance, whether static or mobile provides evidence of a persons actual activities or true physical capabilities. Surveillance can also be utilised to provide asset protection and timely law enforcement intervention.