Insurance and Fraud Investigation

Money is quite complicated. And yet, it's something that everyone needs. Unfortunately, to get money, some people turn to wrong doings like committing fraud.  

One industry that involves a lot of money is insurance. And to get huge sums of money, some commit insurance fraud in Australia. Fortunately, there are fraud investigators out there nowadays who can do some digging. 

If you are an insurer and you think that a claim is suspicious, call for the services of an insurance fraud investigators like Insight Investigative Services. We can check and verify information on your behalf, so you don't have to.  

What is Insurance Fraud? 

In the simplest terms, insurance fraud is stealing. It is when someone takes insurance money and uses it for their gain. You would think that insurance fraud is only done by buyers, but in truth, anyone is capable of doing such an act. 

When buyers commit insurance fraud, they often falsify their claims. They alter records and exaggerate scenarios to create a situation that would need more money. At the back of their minds, they think what does losing thousands of dollars mean to a billion-dollar industry?  

On the other hand, if a seller commits insurance fraud, it usually comes in the form of selling policy forms from companies that don’t exist or changing the policies to increase their commission.  Whoever is committing the fraud, an investigation must be done. This is where insurance fraud investigators can help. They will make sure the truth is uncovered by taking every necessary step to bring out the facts.   

How Insurance Fraud Investigation Works?  

It's hard to accuse someone of insurance fraud when you don’t have anything to prove it. That is why all kinds of evidence and data must be secured to verify the validity of an insurance claim.   

One of the things a financial fraud investigator does is surveillance. They investigate on their target to see if anything is suspicious. If the investigator sees anything out of the ordinary, this could be a piece of evidence used against the target.  Another thing that a fraud investigator does is look up any medical report to see if the claims match the medical history of the suspected fraud. In some cases, a person will exaggerate what happened to get more insurance money.  

An insurance claims investigator would also analyse the insurance coverage to make sure there are no loopholes in the fine print. This is also to make sure that the seller isn’t doing any funny business.  

Why Insight Investigative Services?

If you want to make sure that no kind of fraud is happening, you need to get in touch with the guys at Insight Investigative Services. Our fraud investigators will leave no stone unturned, so you can get all the information you need. We believe the best investigations are done with the utmost precision. With our insurance claims investigators, you can be sure that no one can try to pull tricks on you.  

For more information about our service, don’t hesitate to call us at 0419 787 986.